PC (released Nov 2007)

I was lucky enough to cut my teeth on a great project like Crysis.

I worked on two of the levels in the game, and also spent several months helping out with the in-game cinematics.
Working on Crysis was an intense, incredible and inspiring experience. The amount of passion on the team was amazing and looking back it sometimes feels like a dream.

Large AAA productions involve a lot of people who contribute to the game and the level, the work you see below is the hard work of an entire team.


'Awakening' takes place in and around an open-pit mine at the base of a mountain which, it turns out, isn't a mountain but an ancient Alien Ship.

This mission was part of a gigantic level split into two during the early layout phase; I was tasked with the level design for the second half.
The goal for the level was to have the player arrive at the huge mountain, which was crumbling to reveal the Ship underneath, and drive them toward it while also retaining non-linear gameplay. This was achieved by having an optional objective in the military camp, an open layout and by supporting multiple routes for players who chose to use vehicles.
The level was quite a complex beast as it featured lush jungle, open terrain with vehicles, and the interior of the mine which was built using voxels.


'Reckoning' is the last level of the game, in which the player travels to the aircraft carrier the USS Constitution only to be caught up in a massive alien assault.

Shortly after arriving at Crytek, I was assigned to script the level which meant everything from setting the mission objectives to integrating cinematics to having friendly AI perform little vignettes and talk to each other in the 'calm' state of the level before the Alien assault. However, the bulk of the work was scripting the enemy encounters once the Aliens had attacked including the final Boss of the game (although not the suprise final-final Boss, which was created and owned by a Technical Designer on the project).
It was a great setting for the last level, and was really fun to make it come alive.